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Welcome to Central Comfort Air Conditioning, South Florida’s number one choice for all Trane Air Conditioning servicesrepairs, and installations. Since 1980, we have been delighted to offer our customers with exceptional customer service and only the highest quality of workmanship that is always exceeding industry standards. Our top notch customer service coupled with our ability to service any Trane system in a timely, reliable manner, is the number one reason why we continue to be South Florida’s first call in air conditioning emergencies, and normal repairs and tune-ups.

We continue to exceed expectations because of our highly skilled professionals who are fully licensed and insured, and NATE certified. No matter the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, our experts are ready to answer your calls and questions when you need answers fast. They can also hop into our state of the art trucks quickly in those crucial times that you have an emergency. And since they’ve been in the business for a long time, they’ve worked on every Trane system and know exactly how to service and install them whenever our customer’s need it. What is more, our professionals also make it their priority to keep your home and business clean by wearing clean, white uniforms and booties while working inside. With service like that, it’s no wonder Central Comfort Air Conditioning is the first place everyone turns for all their Trane Air Conditioning needs.

Trane Air Conditioning Repairs

Here in Florida, it is almost always hot and humid. The fact of the matter is, we rely on our air conditioners to always work whenever we need them. After a while, this causes some wear and tear on the system and a leak might occur, or the system just breaks down. When this happens, you need your air conditioner fixed as quickly as possible. There is no time to wait around for something to happen because your family and business depends on it. No one understands this better than us at Central Comfort Air Conditioning. We are a family owned and operated company, so we are well aware of your frustrations when your Trane air conditioning needs repaired. That is why we are always on standby and can service your emergency whenever you decide to pick up the phone. After you give us a call, we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promise that you will not be disappointed in our affordable prices and unbeatable quality of service.


No house or business is alike and no size fits all. When you are ready to lower your utility bills and learn about different energy-efficient air conditioning systems, Central Comfort Air Conditioning is ready to answer all of your questions and offer you the best solution for your home or business. Because of our extensive knowledge in the industry, we can offer you a custom tailored air conditioning system that fits your exact needs and is affordable for you and your family. We will then install your new Trane system at a time that is right for you, since we are flexible and available whenever you need us. Finally, our professionals will train you on how to maintain and keep track of your system to ensure long-lasting results and savings.

Trane Air Conditioning Installations

For over 35 years, Central Comfort Air Conditioning has maintained a high reputation for quality Trane air conditioning services and repairs, and we aren’t stopping there. We are proud of the work we’ve done, helping the residents of South Florida live in exceptional comfort all year round, and will continue to work hard so that every customer gets the best services no matter the time of day and size of the job. So give us a call (305) 598-7575 for all your Trane servicesrepairs, and installations because we promise to always serve you with passion and dedication that is unmatched by any other business in the industry.  You can request a call back 24/7 here.

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